Monday, 22 September 2014

Coming Soon!

Not too long ago, I started writing little notes to my children on the napkins I included in their lunch boxes for school. Sometimes, the message was as simple as telling them how much I love them, and sometimes it was a long message about something I thought was an important life lesson, and sometimes it was a quote I found on-line or on one of my favorite shows.

The first time I sent a note in my kids' lunches, my 8 and 9 year olds were super excited about it and thanked me exuberantly.  When I continued to add the notes, I later learned that every day, my children were sharing the notes with their teachers. Some of their teachers said things like, "I wish my parents had done that when I was a kid," and other teachers said things like "You mommy really loves you."

But the simple fact is that my children were so proud of these little daily messages from me that they showed them off to their friends and teachers and, when I picked them up from school at the end of the day, they always mentioned the notes and how much they love the notes.

And so, what started out as a last-minute idea that was intended to happen a few times at most has evolved into something I do with every lunch I pack for them. I spend time finding just the write quote or thinking up the right thing to say. And even though the messages are usually just hastily scrawled on a folded up paper towel, I know that they mean something to my children.

I intend to share these daily notes here on this blog. There will be times when I don't have the time and have to make an entire week's posts in a day, but I will try and keep up.